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Serving Central Illinois
        Most technology services are provided in home, some circumstances require the equipment to be serviced at a different location.  The equipment will be picked up and dropped off at the customerís location.  This will ensure the proper functionality and more in-depth analysis of the equipment. Please keep in mind we must assess you the normal sales tax as required by law.  In addition, mileage charges will occur if more than 5 miles of technicians location. This amount must be included in your payment.

Computer Setup
         Leave the setup to us.  Services include proper functionality of the computer, printer setup and internet connectivity if needed.  We will also make recommendations for proper functionality and maintenance.

Computer Maintenance
        Every computer needs regular maintenance performed.  Get your computer back into shape.  Maintenance insures that your computer is running properly without excess clutter.  Many things that cause your computer to become slow and unusable are due to little or no maintenance.  Get your computer on the right track.  Services include:  removal of unwanted, missing or corrupt files, system defrag if needed, and many other optimization techniques.

Home Network Setup
        Leave the hassle to us.  We will setup your home network for shared internet connections, file sharing, printer access and security features to protect you from unauthorized access to your network.  Hardware not included.

Hardware Installation
        A specialist can install memory, hard drive, graphics card and many other pc compatible internal or external hardware components.  Each piece of hardware is assessed the hardware installation fee.  Hardware is not included.

Operating System Install          Software Install          Hard Drive Erase          Peripheral Setup          Networking Consultation          Wireless Security Setup   
  We are always glad to hear your comments and suggestions about our service or this site and to answer any other questions you may have. So please drop us a line any time.
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